U PVC Fittings:

Crown Plastic have a huge assortment of pressure and non pressure UPVC Pipe Fittings like elbow light, tee light, reducers, reducing tee, coupler etc in different sizes, dimensions and weights as per the specifications of our clients. This has made our mark among the noted UPVC SWR Pipe Fittings Exporters in India. Having high resistance to corrosion, the UPVC Plastic Pipe Fittings offered by us are marked for its rigid body and accurate dimensions. Moreover, our UPVC Plastic Pipe Fittings have a flawless finish.

HDPE Compression Fittings:

Crown Plastic Compression Fittings are used in practically any industry that uses HDPE Poly pipe, Copper, and Galvanized pipes. The application industries include all water applications, Oil & gas, Methane Gas, Mining, Salt Water, Compressed Air, Industrial Equipment for acid bases, Wine, Beer, Beverages, and other Alimentary fluids, Irrigation, Swimming Pools, Geo thermal and many other applications.

PPR – C Fittings:

Crown Plastic polypropylene fittings, PPRC fittings are manufactured as per the DIN 16893. The exceptional heat stability and its corrosion resistance coupled with the ease of installation, which makes the Crown Plastic PPRC the most reliable plumbing system for the hot and cold water applications with a service life in excess of 50 years. Made of the highest quality PPRC material, which is tested under extreme conditions & conforms to global quality standards for quality, our PPRC fittings are reliable & designed to give levels of performance in the face of the harshest of elements. Conforming to world-class standards of quality, they are extremely reliable & offer convenient & reliable installation in any plumbing system. Built to perform in tough conditions, they have a extremely long service life.